Our company was established in 2002. Even then, our founders possessed long-standing operative experience in claims & contract management. This still made us pioneers as a firm of consultants utilising its experience for the good of its customers in large plant construction and the special machinery industry during the early noughties in Germany. Although claim management was already a standard feature within the construction industry, many plant engineering and custom-built machinery companies in the projects business continued to view this particular aspect as simply a good way to scare off customers.


Our first assignments were as interim claim managers. Firmly integrated within our customers’ operative project management, we succeeded in demonstrating how good claims & contract management will not necessarily interfere with positive dealings between our customers and their contractual partners. We were able to show that fair cooperation and good commercial results are by no means mutual contradictions within project management.


Just a few years down the line and many assignments as interim claim managers later, we had no difficulty in recognising what frequently was missing in claims & contract management, namely structure, organisation, staff awareness and an adequate quality of fulfilment documentation, to name just a few. By 2006, the time had come to add a strategic component to our portfolio of services: organisational consultancy for our customers’ claims & contract management. This year marked the birth of our claims management maturity analysis (which at the time we still called a "claims management audit"). Since then, we have conducted this analysis in over 35 companies (as of 01/12/2017) within the plant construction, custom-built machinery and offshore industries. In many of these companies we completed organisational consultancy assignments to introduce claims & contract management as an integral element within project management.


Over recent years we have increasingly noticed a greater willingness for companies to accept claim & contract management. These days, Claims & Contract Managers are coveted experts. So the time has come for us to expand our portfolio of services once again. Since summer 2016, we have provided inhouse seminars to our customers. The underlying idea behind this development was a realisation that after more than nearly two decades of service providers in claims & contract management within industrial projects, we know the imponderabilities in the execution of industrial projects and what kind of need for knowledge development our customers have.