consequent-precise-profitable-contract-claims-management. Source: Copyright: damedeeso; Picture: Schiedsrichter-Hund mit Pfiff. License paid by 1155PM consultants GmbH:

What can you expect from us?


“Consistent. Precise. Profitable.” You’ve every right to rely on our services demonstrating these attributes. We give you our word. Our work on your behalf is always:


  • Consistent, because even before our brief is confirmed we’ll have clearly agreed with you the objectives we’re to achieve for you. We won’t deviate from that without another agreement with you.
  • Precise, because in our everyday project work we don’t rely on assumptions or things we don’t (yet) know. We only use verifiable information for assessing situations and claims in the project. If this verifiable information isn’t available, then we’ll do everything possible – provided that’s cost-effective for your company – to obtain it and use it for your success.
  • Profitable, because in partnership with you we quantify the objectives you want our contract and claim management work to achieve, assess them for feasibility and compare them with our expected costs. This also means that on occasion we’ll advise you a particular action just doesn’t seem worth it. Sounds improbable? We know. But it’s how you can trust that we absolutely vouch for the effectiveness of our work. We only take on briefs from our clients when we’re confident we can execute them successfully.

Our services add up for you. Not just at the eleventh hour.