Fair remuneration.Consulting services in the fields of commercial management claims management.

Fair. Transparent. Flexible.

This is what our clients call our fee model. We know from nearly 15 years of consultancy within industrial project management that very different kinds of support may be needed in claim & contract management.


Sometimes a client will only need an expert for a few weeks, tasked with the methodical and immaculate processing of an extension of time claim in the construction industry. In other instances, a company will require somebody to work in claim & contract management over a longer period, but only sporadically, perhaps for a few hours a week in specific projects. Then there are cases in which it is clear from the start that they will take “a professional, handling claim & contract management for the coming 18 months”.


Our fee model accommodates all of these different requirements. So far, our employees have handled projects at an investment volume of between €7 million and €2.5 billion. And in each case, our clients have felt that our remuneration was fair, transparent and a reasonable outlay for the project in question. Allow us, if we may, to put it like this: “Our services will certainly not cost you your nerves".