Commercial, Contract & Claim Management


We have successfully supported companies in the industrial project business with our services “Organisational Consulting for Claims & Contract Management” and “Interim Claims & Contract Manager” since 2002. In that time we have managed to build up a very large number of contacts with professionally trained and experienced technical personnel and managers from the professional disciplines of our clients involved in the implementation of projects. These professionals could be the new employees that you are looking for.


At the moment, it is not easy to find these experts on the labour market. However, due to our continually expanding network we know which professionals are currently thinking about striking out for new shores and which of them would be a perfect match for your company.


And not only that – because we ourselves understand the requirements of major industrial projects with regard to technical and management personnel in claim and contract management, we also know exactly which professional and personal profile of a candidate matches your company’s needs.


In a short time, we will propose to you handpicked candidates for your claim and contract management who have been thoroughly vetted by our experts by way of our QESP check. They will be real professionals and also fit into your corporate culture.


Our Executive Search Services provide assistance to our clients in several industry sectors in order to fill their vacancies. Our clients include medium and large organisations in Germany and international in the fields of custom-built machinery, plant engineering, railway business, oil & gas and offshore-industries.