Commercial, Claims, Contract Management Advisory for industrial projects. Transnational and local. Always with evidenced value.  Quelle:; Urheber: kickimages; Bild:; Hand gesture of a businesswoman and businessman in meeting.

Industrial projects. Contract-compliant & results-optimised.

Our experts have already worked as successful commercial, contract or claims managers on an interim basis in many firms and industries, making them experts in these areas. And helping them become professionals in quickly understanding the interdependencies that have resulted in the delayed and obstructed work sequences.


Our consultants ensure that at the end of a project, you achieve the desired results. Namely, economic success. Regardless of the technologies involved in your project. 


Alongside the effective enforcement of your own legitimate claims and the defence of unjustified third-party claims, we always endeavour to maintain cooperative relationships between your company and your clients, contractors and suppliers. We regard claims management as a tool for effective mutual contract fulfilment. And the framework for this is the professional commercial, contract & claims management which we implement on your behalf.