FIDIC Management & Advisory. Disputes Resolution, Tender Preparation, Claim Entitlement, Claim Defendance

Our FIDIC know-how: security for your project.

Projects based on a FIDIC model form of contract require that the deadline and formal requirements in the General and Particular Conditions of Contract be complied with without fail, so as to avoid loss of title and prevent losses. However, communication with the FIDIC engineer in accordance with the contract, the interpretation of the individual clauses and comprehensive knowledge of the obligations and rights of the parties are equally essential.  This does not only mean that one must understand the implications of "Clause 20.1" in the FIDIC contract.


With our claim and contract managers, with their many years of experience of the implementation of FIDIC contracts, we provide your project manager and his/her team with breathing space and room to work on the content of the current project:

  • We ensure effective project implementation under the terms of your FIDIC contract, which also includes claim management in accordance with the contract to safeguard your claims.
  • We prepare the contract for your project team in a comprehensible manner and act as your sparring partner and coach in the interpretation of the contractual terms and conditions.
  • From the submission of a claim for extension of time for completion ("EoT") to the completion of the project, we seamlessly track contractual time limits, whether your company is the principal or the contractor.
  • If the course of construction is disrupted, we recommend the correct approach to interpreting the contract, including if a dispute arises between the principal and the contractor.
  • We ensure contractually compliant and verifiable documentation of the causes of claims for the purpose of enforcing and safeguarding your legitimate entitlements.
  • At your request we initiate adjudication in order to clarify an existing dispute.
  • We devise the Particular Conditions together with / for you during the bidding phase of your project.
  • Claims unjustifiably asserted against your company by your contract partner will be a thing of the past thanks to our contractually compliant claim defence.