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Claims management in the context of shutdowns, turnarounds and outages of plants.


Shutdowns, turnarounds and outages (STOs) of large industrial plants are highly complex and very volatile events with commercial consequences which can add up to many millions of euros for you as the operator of a large processing plant. If your company fails to prepare properly for such STOs, an STO can quickly turn into an unplanned nightmare costing millions of euros.


We will help you to avoid additional costs for your company caused by disturbed and/ or inefficiently performed shutdowns, turnarounds and outages by the following means:

  • Closing of loopholes and elimination of ambiguities in the contracts concluded with your partner companies to cover shutdowns, turnarounds and outages of your plants.
  • Definition and introduction of clear contractual, procedural and organisational agreements about the handling of unplanned additional costs of your partner companies in the context of shutdowns, turnarounds and outages of your plants.
  • Sensitisation of your employees to the rights and obligations of your partner companies when claiming additional costs from your company.
  • Training of your field staff in practical language on topics such as "payment of waiting times", "threat of work stoppage by contractors", "avoidance of double payment of contractors when overtime is ordered", etc. pp.
  • Specification of standards for your partner companies in terms of the documentation of impairments of performance, deviations and changes in the course of the project and the recording thereof in an incident register in order to identify causal patterns of events.
  • Examination and evaluation of mutual claims between you and your partner companies during a shutdown/ turnaround/ outage, and recommendations for action.
  • ...
Friendship stops at money, it is said. That is why it is so important to minimize potential conflicts with your partner companies and arrive at reasonable and clear measures. Clarity creates transparency. Transparency creates trust. And trust is the basis for successful co-operation with your contractors in the course of an STO event.

We are the partner you can trust whenever you have a need for claim management.