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Cultural change requires a plan. And the experience of your staff.

Efficient claims & contract management during project implementation requires the knowledge and coordinated approach of many in the company. As well as traditional implementation staff, support functions such as legal and sales departments are also involved. Each of the employees involved contributes to the project's success, as well as to the successful handling of any hindrances, deviations and subsequent claims. 


Because efficient claims & contract management demands the involvement of many, the implementation of claims & contract management in a company also requires the involvement of many. The accurate planning of how a project will be implemented, how staff will be made aware of claims & contract management issues and how their resistance to the supposedly confrontational subject of "claims management" will be overcome, all demand a concerted approach. Which is precisely where we come in, with our expertise in commercial, contract & claims management and experience of organisational development. We assume the role of professional claims & contract management sparring partner for your staff. Just as we assume the role of planner and driver of cultural change within your firm with regard to your staff's methodical and concerted approach to claims & contract management. Get in touch with us to discuss why the successful introduction of claims & contract management requires more than just a well-written set of instructions. We will also explain what we will do to ensure that the safe and methodical handling of additional project claims becomes as second-nature to your staff as the technical project work itself.