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Giving your claims & contract management added outcome.


Do you suspect that the impact of your company’s claims & contract management is not all that it could be? Then we should talk. We conduct maturity analyses on your claims & contract management as the best methodical instrument to identify weaknesses in your claim & contract management, to bolster the strengths we ascertain and to close gaps in your methodology.


In doing so, we concentrate on:


  • integrating your claims & contract management within the organisation of your project setup and sequence;
  • how your company organises internal and external communication in claim situations;
  • your project documentation in respect to sustainability in court, completeness and comprehensibility;
  • the effectiveness of your current contracts and payment protection instruments;
  • your decision-making process in strategic claim situations;
  • your operating procedures to rectify process disruption and deviations;


How long does it take to perform this kind of analysis? Not as long as you would think. It is probably also less expensive than you might guess. Moreover, the analysis is performed by our seasoned professionals with long-standing experience in claim & contract management.


We will give you a detailed, written report at the end of the maturity analysis. It will provide a pinpoint description of the situation in your company, outlining profound, immediately conclusive and practical calls for action to improve your claims & contract management. Place your trust in our expertise from the over 30 maturity analyses that we have conducted in a broad variety of companies within the plant engineering / custom-built machinery and the offshore industries.