Claims & Contract Management. A team challenge.

Efficient claim and contract management in companies is not a given. It requires that a company set up appropriate organisation, redundancy-free business processes and suitable methods and approaches that fit seamlessly into the company's existing project management along the value creation chain, and not least that employees have an understanding of the requirements of claim and contract management.


As professionals in the implementation of major international industrial projects, we have a very precise understanding of the basic conditions for effective claim and contract management on a partnership basis. We know this both from practical experience and from the point of view of business organisation. Like good project management, claim and contract management are always a team effort in project implementation. The construction engineer in process technology must be equally familiar with his duties, competencies and responsibilities in claim and contract management as the construction site manager and other members of the project team. The framework for action for claim and contract management in the project itself should, however, always be established by the project leader. The legal department reinforces the approach applied in the project from a legal perspective, and the management determines the company strategy. Suitable methods are also needed for dealing with complex implementation situations, not to mention seamless implementation documentation and effective negotiation strategies and techniques.


So you see, there is much to look out for when introducing claim and contract management. Please contact us. We will be happy to discuss with you how the handling of deviations and compensation claims can be effectively arranged in your projects.